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Welcome to Unihalt

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Unihalt Technologies is a data analytics company working on EdTech and Tourism verticals.

Your data, no matter how big or how small, it has a “Story” to tell.

Our Vision is to build a cognitive system which can help people in navigating through problems and make better decisions by simplifying the complexity of big data using our self serve analytics tool.

Our Mission is to improve the quality of analysis with our proprietary validation methods; combining the data source and reliable standard data with the right methods of analysis to help people answer their toughest questions instantly.

We expanded to tourism vertical with a smart initiative to ensure safety in cities. We want to make cities smart by making tourist information more transparent and realtime. We crowd source data from various sources and always keep our data lake updated.

Here's how it works


Unihalt + School/College = Good Deed

Unihalt brings security innovations on the table. Here at unihalt we help you take your institution one step closer towards better security and make your institution more impregnable and safe. We provide both software and hardware on which you can trust depend totally.



Unihalt + Teachers

Teachers can ask parents to have a close watch on their kids performance, so that they can keep tabs on childs day by day growth and help in areas which he/she is facing trouble to compete. The option for video calling makes it easy for the busy working parent to be in touch with the teachers.



Unihalt + Parent

Now parent's and child’s lives are brought even closer with unihalt. Unihalt gives you a quality experience which saves your everyday chore of “double checking whether your son or daughter has reached the institute safely or not”.

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